Stunning reviews

We've had a number of stunning reviews, including this from Shindig! who - among others - are placing That Was The Future in the top records of the year list. 


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The Vinyl Countdown

The vinyl copies of the album have arrived and they sound as good as they look! Release date is October 13th, when you can experience them in all their analogue-y glory. Hours of fun to be had just listening to the run-out groove...


First UK national airplay - Mark Radcliffe BBC6 Music

We've just picked up our first national airplay ahead of the album launch (October 13th). Cheers Mr Radcliffe and BBC6 Music. Here's what Mark had to say:

"I like that a's kind of got a Mod feel to it with a relentless riff going all the way through and this clavinet that reminds me of John Paul Jones on Trampled Underfoot. It's ace they're called The Dials from Brighton their album is called That Was The Future it's out in 13th October and that is called Cuckoo Stone which is a neolithical Bronze Age standing stone which has now fallen and it's in a field near to Woodhenge in Durrington Walls in Wiltshire apparently but really good stuff, The Dials and Cuckoo Stone"
The Dials on BBC6 Music

Countdown to launch

After much sweat, thankfully few tears and no blood at all, we can confirm that we have a launch event confirmed for the new album. The date for your diary is October 6, the venue The Hope & Ruin in Brighton. We're still putting the finishing touches the show lineup, but we can confirm that we will have the magnificent Innerstrings light show on board. Do come see us. Do bring your friends. We would truly, truly love to see you there. 


It’s studio time again

As we’re now fully equipped with another brace of tunes, it’s back to the studio again. This time, we’re headed for the lovely Toy Rooms in Hove. Owned by the good folk in Unkle, it’s given birth to a new of great releases, including the last Grinderman album. Can’t wait.

New shows before Christmas

We’ve spent some time putting some more tunes together (about 8 new ones on the go) but we have booked in some more dates before Christmas. We’re playing Shoreham, Hoxton in London and Birmingham in a big, all-night extravaganza. 


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