Photo: Pat Pope

Photo: Pat Pope

The Dials emerged from Brighton in 2002. Dermot Watson, Andy Taylor, Rich Parrish and Joe Allenby-Byrne make music informed by psychedelia, surf, folk and garage rock. They might sound like anything from The Zombies to Funkadelic via Caravan and Miles Davis depending on the weather.

An early lineup got together busking trad country numbers on banjos for tourists on the seafront, but when the band went electric in 2005 their demos were picked up by fan Mark Lamarr, who persuaded them to play a series of sessions for BBC Radio 2.

Their eponymous debut album in 2007 showcased a bewilderingly eclectic collection of songs which somehow won the hearts of small pockets of radio DJs and listeners worldwide. Their showcase at NXNE in Toronto was described as “pure energy, hard-howling, Brit-infused honky-tonk”.

After famously getting rescued by a fire crew from the bank vault where they recorded 2009’s “Companions of the Rosy Hours”, the band disintegrated in a whirlwind of passive aggression.

Dermot and Andy went to ground and slowly rebuilt the band. Now with Rich on drums and ex-Dr Feelgood Gordon Russell on bass they released the critically acclaimed Surf-Noir classic "The End of the Pier" in 2013.

For the last 2 years the boys have been recording in UNKLE’s Toy Room studio in Brighton with Ben Thackeray (Patti Smith, Nick Cave, My Bloody Valentine, Gruff Rhys) producing. Featuring pump organs, Motown brass, theremins, pastoral folk and Bavarian waltzes, “That Was The Future” will be released on vinyl and CD in the Autumn of 2017.

The band are still talking.

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